About Our Business

Benmar Enterprises LLC, D.B.A. Sheabutterhut.com, is a family owned business located in
Harrison, TN.  We have been in business since March of 2002.  We initially began operating in a
mini mall selling sunglasses and watches.  Since sunglasses and watches were both seasonal
types of products we began to explore other products to sell.  We decided on fragrance type
products such as perfume body oil, fragrance oils, incense, soaps and lotions. Our customers and
other vendors in the mall then began to ask us if we carried shea butter.  We had to tell them no,
but promised we would look into it for them. We contacted several suppliers of shea butter and
began to research and sample the shea butter available in the United States.  

It is our mission to provide our customers with an outlet to purchase Unrefined, Raw African shea
butter at affordable prices.  Thus Sheabutterhut.com was formed
Quality Shea Butter products & More!
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